Big Sky VR

Taking you to new dimensions

Big Sky VR is a digital production studio specializing in immersive media applications. We partner with agencies and brands to create 3D simulated environments that are fully realistic and interactive.

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Coachella Explorer

CBS Interactive

Dream Big

Where do you want to go? What do you want to see? Big Sky VR lets you to step into a completely different reality where you can enjoy lifelike experiences of things both real and imagined.

Burning Man VR

Immersive live stream concert


Real Estate

Robert Scoble Futurist Upload VR

“Big Sky VR, the developers of Coachella Explorers are pioneers in the world of VR.”

Jonathan Nafarrete  VR Scout

“[Big Sky’s] work is some of the most immersive VR I’ve seen.”

Jim Wyatt Creative Director W.O.W. Labs

“Big Sky continues to provide exceptional technical consultancy to our VR development team in addition to plain language analysis of this fledgling industry to our executive board.”

Jon Fox  UX & Product Design Leader Idean

“Big Sky delivers seriously phenomenal work. Maybe the best VR apps for the iPhone yet.”

Let us expand your horizons